2012: The Year of Change

As you may have read, last year for me ended with a bang. The bang of my car into the rear end of a truck. Luckily, no one was hurt. The beginning of this year not only begins with a new car for me, but a new home as well.

I have my lease with a rental management company, not the owner of the home I am moving out of. Since I have moved in, my oven has been broken as well as my stove. For the last 5 months one of my bathrooms continues to go unrepaired and a few days before Christmas, a chandelier feel from the ceiling hanging three feet from the floor when my brother came home. This chandelier was over my son’s play area. The rental company had been attempting to contact the owner to get approval for many repairs and gettong the run around. Finally, the owner answered, only to offer me a $100 discount on my rent to continue to live with the stove, oven, bathroom and chandelier- now on my staircase landing- because it is still connected to the ceiling.

Needless to say, there are lawyers involved and I called the Fair Housing Board. I followed their advice to the letter. I’m also following my conditions of my lease to the letter by leaving the house clean, cleaning the carpets and going through the check out list with the rental company. This way if the owner decides to file a claim in small claims court, she is wasting her time.

The best part about this is that my lease is with the rental company- not the property owner. The rental company will be terminating their contract with the owner later this month because of her lack of action on habitation issues. I have found another great place, significantly lower in rent and near my son’s school with another rental company. Even better, the rental company I am leaving is giving me a great reference because my rental history with them is excellent. The owners of the new home are on vacation so I will know if I got the house by Tuesday. It’s looking good so far and I’m staying positive. If this house doesn’t work, my current rental company can get me into any one of their houses on their rental list. I just really like the location and floor plan of the house with the other rental company.

Wednesday, I hope to take possession of the new rental property. Yep, the day after I get approved by the owners. I like to think of it as having a positive attitude. I have to be out of my current home by midnight on the 16th- of JANUARY. How will I perfrom this magic trick? because of my car accident, I will be able to scrape up enough to pay a pack and move company. i have an appointment for an estimate. My new car will be an A/B car with safety essentials and great gas mileage.

How am I handling this? Well, denial helps but I am starting to accept it by packing a little every day, preparing my son and myself by making this an opportunity. I call it, our “space adventure” because we are on an adventure to find a new space to live. I think such a simple explanation is helping me just as much as I see it helping him.

This week, I will be focusing on the move. Once I’m moved, I will begin shopping for a new car. Did I mention I have my Remicade infusion this Thursday? Yep, three hours to take a break from moving. I will leave energized. Mind over matter.

I’m following the advice on the cover of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: DON’T PAINC. Seriously. Why panic when we all know the meaning of life is 42?