Scleroderma on the Fly Episode 3: Typing


Typing with scleroderma is easier than it looks.

If you have seen my hands, I bet you have wondered, “How does she type?”

Well, it’s easier than you think.  I have tried voice software, but I end up editing and re-writing.

So click here to watch how I type.  It’s much easier than remember, it is much easier than it looks.

At first, I called it, “Peter Jennings style” because he used to type with his two index fingers.  Then, I realized I used my left thumb and right index finger.  I’m not sure when I realized this or even started typing like this.  I just did it because I wanted to type.  It would’ve been helpful to keep a diary while it was all happening, but I felt like I did not want my scleroderma or it’s symptoms to be the thing I will be remembered for when my great grandkids go through my diary.


  1. Comment by Ms. R:

    This is a great example of how even though we might not do something the way “everyone else” does it, we can still do it. Great video!

  2. Comment by Karen:

    Well said:-)

  3. Comment by bev:

    hi. i found you and and your blog through she writes and chris’ blog. i suffer form fibromyalia but as of yet am not brave enough to write about it. i would love for you to check out my blog and follow if you like it.

    new follower bev

  4. Comment by Karen:

    Hi Bev, thank you for reading. I love your blog. I look forward to keeping up with it. Your experiences and the way you talk about them are wonderful.

  5. Comment by Chris Dean:

    I love the fact that you focus so much on what you CAN do and not the other side of things. You’re such a wonderful role model. Thanks for that! (Yes, catching up on reading this morning. *grin*)