Politics, Viagra and My Lady Business

Tonight, I watched the 20th Republican Debate. I hope it’s the last. It will definitely be the last one I watch. I kept wondering why the moderator didn’t ask any of them about Syria and those who died there. I wondered about why they never asked these men about Viagra & vasectomies. I kept hearing them try to defend their positions on what a woman does with her own body, but all I heard was noise. Like someone saying, “Look over here!” It felt like a giant pander-fest. I heard them pander to fear. I think fear of an era gone by they try to hold so tight their fingernails are coming loose. How can one compare birth control with “infanticide”? That part sickened me.

I try to keep up with political issues because they do affect many with chronic illnesses like mine- Scleroderma & Sarcoidosis. I have trouble wrapping my head around the idea of cutting off health care to fellow human beings. Why are we fighting to prevent universal health care coverage to all? I hear so many in the public eye claim they follow the teachings of Jesus, yet they vilify the sick and the poor. I hear people in my community talk about how this country is being ruined and it’s because of the sick and the poor. They never come out and say it- they just say things like, “I want to have a say where my money goes” Then I think to myself- because I just can’t speak up about it after being threatened physically, “Really, you don’t want money to go to things like roads, schools, school lunch programs, traffic lights, clean drinking water and safe food? How about research for diseases that kill people?”

So, I’m going to keep paying attention and reading more, but I’m going to focus on something I think might be easier: Trying to help raise awareness and funds for Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis research and life with a chronic illness. I think we are closer to finding a cure for Scleroderma than those running for office are closer to actually govern in the interests of this countries citizens. First it was, let’s make government so small it fits in bathtub and now they they want to put government into our “Lady Business”(Thank you Tina Fey for that term) Are we really discussing the need to stop allowing birth control in 2012?

It’s not about Jesus or babies or the best interest of citizens, It’s all about money. Money helps. It’s nice to have and can get you things, but that’s all it is. Money doesn’t love, listen or comfort anyone with a hug.
It’s late and I’m having a bit of a rant. Thanks for taking the time to read this expression of my thoughts.