A Crazy Writer with a Blog and Now a Store

Yes, it’s come to this; and it’s a good thing.

On my blog posts I talk about products I have used or still use for exercise, skin care and books.  The Amazon Store here on the Turtle features only items I have used, books I have read or on my reading list and yes, even my favorite brand of condoms.  You can’t buy these condoms in the stores, so why not get them here?

So that’s what my store is about.  Things I use and would recommend to friends.  If you wish, you can also search for items not listed.  By clicking on any of the featured products, you can go right into Amazon and search.  Eventually, I will probably come up with some cute merch, but for now let’s start with stuff I like and go from there.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about products I have posted.  If I can save you some time and money, I am happy to do it.  For example, I use Kama Sutra’s Sweet Almond oil as a moisturizer.  If you have allergies to Almonds, for Pete’s sake don’t buy it.  Okay that may be an easy example, but I believe that you, my readers, are smart so you get the point.

About the Google Ads, I just saw one to buy live turtles on line.  I do not in any way support the buying and selling of animals on line.  I am figuring out my filters and with the name turtle in the title of this blog, there are a few hiccups I need to work out.  I thank you in advance for your patience.

I’m not going to pretend I will be donating proceeds to a charity based on percentages of sales.  I will pay taxes like everyone else on any earnings from the store because this is not a non-profit organization.  Hell, it’s not even an organization.  I’m just some crazy writer with some chronic illnesses who is writing about my experiences.  My greatest wish is that the what I write will help others.  The store is there to help with the cost of the site and maybe support mama’s pedicure habit.

Above everything, thank you for continuing to read about Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis, my perspective of life  and ways to adapt and overcome.  We’re in this together.  We are not our diagnosis, we are not alone and we are stronger than we can imagine.  (If you can think of any other bumper sticker phrases, please feel free to leave some in the comment section.)

And now a few words from Ricky Bobby & Cal Norton from Talladega Nights.  Click the parts for the funny.

Part 1

Part 2