A Reality-Check I’d Rather Not Cash

Chris Dean wrote an honest and heartfelt post about her transition from full time employee, to full time patient.  This transition takes an an incredible toll on one’s mind, body and spirit.  Chris expresses things so well in her posts, I often wonder if she reads my mind.    This is one of those posts.   As I read this, my thoughts were, “Oh yes”  “Me too!”  and  “Sweet Lady Gaga, is she in my head?”  

Chris and I are not alone and there seems to be an ongoing perception that staying home is a choice many of us want to make.  It’s not.  We choose it because we need to take care of ourselves, so that we may be there for our family, friends and community.  

Take the time to read and share this article.  Cheers,  ~Karen

Reality-Check I’d Rather Not Cash
By Chris Dean 

Good morning! There are always going to be reality-checks you have no desire to cash, plain and simple. Personally, my favorite way of dealing with them is to pretend they don’t exist. But sometimes? It’s better just to face the damned thing and get it over with.