A Tremor In The Force

On August 7, 2012, there was a great tremor in the force and we lost Lexie,  aka @OneBloggerGirl, a fellow scleroderma patient.  She was 28 as of her blog info. I, like many of my friends on Twitter, only new her online.  I really have no words right now except that my thoughts and wishes for strength are with her friends and family.

Although we never met in person, I feel blessed to have known Lexie in this life and I know I will see her again in the next.  She lost her battle with Scleroderma at age 28.  Take a knee, say a prayer, send a wish to those she loved and honor her today with a moment to remember something she said to you and how she made you smile.  Visit her blog and read about her journey.  It was short, but her journey was one that made a difference in this life to me and so many.  My experience knowing her will not be something I will be letting let go.

Thank you Lexie.  It has been an honor.