What is An Autoimmune Disease? Let Me Show You Something…


Turtle Mural By Tiffany Copland


Laugh at what scares you; it will only make you stronger.  


Let me show you something…

For those of you unfamiliar with Fire Marshall Bill, let’s get you up to speed. A long time ago, George Bush Sr. was president, JLo was a “Fly Girl” and Jamie Foxx showed us the only way to snap, on the show “In Living Color”:  The show where everyone was equally kind. Jim Carrey was also a member of the cast. Out of his many characters my favorite is Fire Marshall Bill.

Fire Marshall Bill could easily pass for a Scleroderma patient with his bird like features. His burn scars are very similar to the facial tightening caused by that disease. I like to call it the free facelift and nose job, similar to a gift with purchase, but I digress. Fire Marshall Bill would share his vast knowledge of fire safety with anyone who would listen and always absolutely free.

What does this have to do with Scleroderma or any autoimmune disease? Watch this video of Fire Marshall Bill, and then continue reading.
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Now, imagine some cells in your body with teeny tiny Fire Marshal Bill faces and even tinier lighters igniting cell walls like a mural on the wall next to the chemistry lab.  Mitochondria mayhem ensues.   Cell that create mass chaos and destruction all in the name of safety. Damn those confused cells of an autoimmune disease! Okay, calm down. Flare ups will happen. So when we can’t get the lighter out of Fire Marshall Bill’s hand, we just have to ride it out and then find ourselves a hot firefighter with a blanket and some cocoa.  Although helpful Fire Marshal Bill cells are like a  bull in a china shop with flame-throwing hooves, try not to panic.  After all, these cells are here to help, as misguided and destructive as it is, just like Fire Marshal Bill.

Now, who wants marshmallows?

Originally posted in 2010 as “Autoimmune disease by interpretive dance.”  I think this is a much better title. Revised: 8/22/2012

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