Big Day for Marriage Equality Today: Big Day for Me & Scleroderma,Tomorrow



I am so inspired by the celebration going on around the country for marriage equality.  It gives me hope the world can be changed if we continue to fight.

Change doesn’t just “happen”.  Someone has to take steps to set change in motion.  And it doesn’t happen overnight.  The law has changed and marriage equality will eventually reach all 50 states.

You must be wondering, “Karen, this should be a whole other blog.  What does this have to do with scleroderma, or any chronic illness?”

Just because we may have a chronic illness, that does not make us immune to discrimination.  Patents and those who love them, should have the right to visit them in hospital, be a part of medical decisions.  That if a person looses someone they have spent their life with, they have tome to grieve, and are granted the rights to benefits left by the one they have lost.

So yes, marriage equality is tied to scleroderma.  In the fabric of time and space, we are all connected and our actions have a ripple effect.

The fight for marriage equality is far from over.  All states will recognize same sex marriage eventually, but there are many hearts and minds against that change.  Luckily, those hearts and minds against it are becoming less and less.  Change happens.  And it doesn;t happen without a fight.

Today, as you fight your fight to stay on this earth, take a moment and find celebration of a fight that’s not over, but have achieved a long overdue   victory.  Victory is ours.  Victory will be yours, one battle at a time.  Find celebration on TV or whatever you have.  Listen to the celebration, feel some joy today and live to fight another day.