Bob Saget: He Knows Scleroderma

So, maybe you’re skeptical about hearing what Bob Saget has to say about Scleroderma.  Maybe you’re thinking,  “What could an actor/comedian possibly have to contribute to the scleroderma patient community?”

Well, for one, he lost his sister to the disease.  Also, he’s on the Board of Directors at the Scleroderma Research Foundation.

Sure, scleroderma is hard for patients, but what about those who love them?  The truth is, it’s just as difficult for them to watch, as it is for us, the patients-  to  fight.  I don’t mean to make the patients’ fight appear less painful or easy.  Let’s face it, patients know how painful it is and I am stating the obvious.  My point is about the emotional pain of having to sit and helplessly watch someone fight one battle after another  for their life.  Sometimes, those doing all they can possibly do, have to watch those they love lose their fight.  Like many brothers would do, Bob Saget did all he could to help his sister, yet still lost her to Scleroderma.  Bob Saget is not alone.  He just happens to have a microphone and a camera and is using them to raise awareness and funds for research.

I have one brother and one sister.

Karen Vasquez with her brother and sister at a caping trip circa 1996.

Me, my brother & sister circa 1996 before the free face lift and nose job. It’s the Scleroderma Gift With “Purchase”

I am also a member of an insanely large extended family that requires a map for visitors when they dare come to a party.  My family and friends  love me very much.  Since my diagnosis in 1994, they have been doing everything they can to help me.  It is hard for me to watch them feel helpless.  I feel loved but I also sense their frustration.  As a parent, if my son had to fight a disease, I would cut off any part of my body or gladly take his place to make him well.

Friends and family members need a cure just as much as patients who have scleroderma.  Bob Saget is going to help get the message out.  Tune in this Thursday at 11AM PDT. I will be watching and listening  You’ll need a phone and an internet connection.  Visit the Scleroderma Research Foundation’s website to register:


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