Bounce to a Cure Breaks Records for Scleroderma

Man Fights Scleroderma with Pogo Stick

When I met James Reoumelotis,  and his brother Chris, James was on his pogo stick at the Orange County Fair.  I had never heard of Pogopalooza but after watching gravity defying stunts, I understood what the exitement was all about.

The atheletes and support teams of Pogoplooza,  had clearly heard of scleroderma.  The Emcee (Will Weiner was one of them ),  was not shy about sharing what James was doing.  James was going to break a world record, and he was going to do it to make a lot of noise about scleroderma.

I was amazed by James’ determination.  The support of his big brother Chris didn’t surprise me, because I have a  brother just like him.  Someone who will drop what he’s doing to fly far from home and walk beside me calmly while inside, he is stressed to the max- worrying about my health. I felt lucky to be in the presence of such an amazing team.

James and Chris, were not alone.  During the 10 hours I was there, I saw every extreme pogo athelete grab a stick and jump the track with James.  All the while, the Pogopalooza Emcee made sure everyone within earshot had heard of scleroderma.

We may have people who join us, but our journey is always our own.

Like any patient with a chronic illness, those they love walk beside them on their journey, but enduring that journey is up to the patient alone.  Like many patients, James had people beside him, but it was he, and he alone who had to endure, to cross the finish line.   And cross the finish line he did, to a roar of cheers of those who walked beside him.  

Friends bouncing with James.

James getting some relief for his hands during allowed breaks The Guinness World Records.

Last year, after 14 hours, 32 minutes and 598 laps, James broke the record for distance on a pogo stick: 23.22 miles.  And yes, he is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

World Record Broken!

July 26, 2013, James will be breaking another record at Pogopalooza 10, so that scleroderma patients may endure.  He is raising funds for

 The Scleroderma Research Foundation.  

Join him at Pogopalooza in New York or watch for the updates on the 26th, and please  donate to cure scleroderma.  

As a patient with scleroderma for 20 years, I am still here because of the research done, made possible because  of the work by people like James, and those who walk beside him.


Bounce to a Cure has partnered with Scleroderma Research Foundation and will be raising funds to cure scleroderma.

Donate, so that scleroderma patients may endure for remission, a stable condition and eventually, a cure.  Donate,  so that more patients will cross the finish line of  scleroderma survival, to a roar of cheers by those who love them.

To learn about Scleroderma, visit  Scleroderma Research Foundation
To donate to scleroderma research: Click here.
To watch highlights of last year and James crossing the finish line, click here
For information about Pogopalooza 10 and Xpogo, click here