Chronic Pain Management, Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis and Moving

This is a quick post before I get back to unpacking:

How am I making it through this week of moving?  Lots of help of course, but I am not standing around and pointing.  I’m using my hands in ways I normally don’t.  The damage from sclerderma has limited me from doing things I wouldn’t normally do daily, but in times like moving, it;s necessary to do things that will cause pain and damage.  The reason I do things I wouldn’t or shouldn’t do- this is temporary and I will have time to recover.  Yes, I am fiercely independent (my brother’s words) and stubborn.  I want thigs done a certain way and I do not hesitate to jump in and do them.  How do I tolerate the pain while doing them?

Drinking an extra protein shake between fast food meals and Vicodin daily.  Normally, I don’t take Vicodin throughout my day, but moving is not normal and ny yoga routine is on hold until I get settled.   It moving sucks: It’s full of unanticipated events, processed foods and stress.  So, I take Vicodin throughout my day at a low dose to keep the edge off.  I don’t tae enough to numb myself from pain, because although it is uncomfortable, pain is how our bodies signal to us us we need to stop or slow down.

By keeping pain levels down,  I am also preventing a flare of the granulomas of sarcoidosis inhabiting my lymph nodes in my chest, allowing me to keep breathing at my normal capacity and preventing an avalanche of symptoms from difficulty breathing.

Thats the short version.

I get comments about pain meds being bad for everyone.  Yes, they can be if abused.  If used properly in pain management, they are a tool to stay active through stressful life changes and activities.  There is such a stigma about pain meds because there is so much abuse.  I’m posting this to share how I am not letting a stigma keep me in pain because, “I don’t want to depend on pain pills.”  I don’t “depend” on pain meds.  They are a tool I use when needed; and I use the right tool to get the job done.

Happy Friday!