Day 14: Dealing with Negative Feedback

How I Deal With Negative Feedback

I love feedback.  Positive and negative.  If it’s negative and mean to others, I block the user.  If it’s negative about me, I read it to determine if it’s a personal criticism or of my work.  Then, I ask myself these questions:

1.  Is it valid?  If so I take a look at it and answer.  I don’t think of feedback on my work as positive or negative, I look at it as valid or invalid.

2.  Do they just disagree with my opinion?

If they just disagree, I look to see if I can better explain myself.  If I can’t I thank them for their feedback and leave it at that.  I don’t take it personally.  Life is too short and if we agreed about everything, life would be boring.  But, if they disagree with facts, then I post the facts n a clear way and thank them for their time.

I love feedback. It’s a great compliment when people take the time to comment- even if negative. But when they attack other patients or communities, I just block ’em.y disagree, I don’t take it personally.  I usually thank them for their opinions or for expressing their feelings.  If they are mean or attack other patients, I block them.  If they are mean to me, I usually have a good laugh and feel flattered they took the time out of their day to talk about me.  People can be mean to me all they want, but if they go after someone in my timeline, a fellow blogger, on my Facebook or anyone else but me,  I will block them.  I also do not reward them with a reply.

3.  Is the person being negative; ignorant, or just a douche?

Here is the difference between being ignorant and being a douche:

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge because someone is not educated about a particular topic.  Ignorance can be fixed with education.

Douche:  Ignorance with malice.  The ignorant person not only refuses to accept the facts, but chooses to claim the ignorant stance with the intent of hurting someone else’s feelings; or hope that anyone who disagrees fails.

I block douches.  Ignorant people just need more information.


2 thoughts on “Day 14: Dealing with Negative Feedback

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing that. I’m in the process of processing feedback and your post helps 🙂 I was just told, “My friend’s mom has scleroderma and just decided that it would not impact her life. She just ignores it and goes on – life as usual.” I asked, “What type of sclero does she have?” The response was, “Oh, I didn’t know there were different kinds.” I think it’s just ignorance, but it felt like they were being a douche!

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