Dick Cheney Has A Heart Because He Has Great Health Care

It really doesn’t matter how any of us feel about Dick Cheney. The core of the story is he received a donor heart because he was a patient who needed one and he was healthy enough to receive it.

I think that’s a key issue many are overlooking. Mr. Cheney has access to great healthcare. His health was monitored regularly. He did not have the stress of worrying about a shrinking income or loss of benefits due to his heath. He did not have to worry about being a burden to his family.

I see speculation of strings he may have pulled. Honestly, I think because he had access to good healthcare, like I do, he was able to survive and be well enough to receive a donor heart. His health has been closely monitored. In other words, he received all of his necessary check-ups and was given ample time and sufficient care to ensure his recovery from each heart attack.

So, I think we can use Mr. Cheney’s story as an example of what is possible when better than average health care is available. That’s all. Imagine what we could accomplish if patients all over the United States had the same quality of care. Other than wishing him a good recovery, and acknowledging the benefits of high quality medical care- everything else is just noise.