Did You See The Size That Blog Roll?

I am loving the changes to The Mighty Turtle. One thing I would like to point out is my Blog Roll. It’s not just for the Chronically Awesome, Spoonies or anyone chronically ill. There is more to us than our diagnosis. Right now I have a list of things that interest me. Are you a blogger or know a blogger who might like to be added to this blog roll?

After setting out to blog in 2009 about Scleroderma and Sarcoidosis I learned that many Autoimmune diseases, cancers and chronic illnesses have similar symptoms, personal challenges and mental health issues patients cope with every day. In short: We have different diagnoses, we cope differently and we have a great deal to learn form each other.

At first, I tried to think of a way to have different bloggers for different diseases, but let’s face it: I don’t have the organization skills for that. Also, I need to take care of my health and family. I want to have a life and write. I read so many wonderful blogs, I thought it would just be best to have a list with links.

I am happy to list anyone who wishes to be listed on my blog roll. There are already blogs there that are not about chronic illness but talk about politics, parenting, daily life- things that have nothing to do with our illness because we are not our diagnosis. After years of therapy, I found my biggest problem was I could not separate my “self” from my diagnosis. So, I want to include topics in addition to being ill and having symptoms

Here are the rules about blogs that will not be posted on my blog roll:

1. Snake Oil: There are no miracle cures for anything. If a products works for a person and helps them, great. I want people to talk about things that work for them and name the products if they wish; this includes alternative therapies. But any mention of miracle cures will not be tolerated.

2. Bigotry will not be tolerated.

3. Harassing other bloggers or patients: I post these blogs on the blog roll but I cannot police them all the time. Please let me know if any blog listed on the blog roll harasses you or anyone else.

4. We are NOT turtles: The Mighty Turtle is a symbol of our ability to adapt and overcome. There are enough communities with nicknames. We are individuals that belong to a community: The Human Race. (Just wanted to clarify that one.)

My goal with The Mighty Turtle is just to provide a place for people to find others they can learn from and collaborate, ask each other questions, follow each other on FaceBook, Twitter and/or Google plus and anything I missed. We are in this together and with enough voices, we can be heard. Together, we are stronger.

Thank you for reading. Again, if you are a blogger and don’t see yourself on my blog roll go to “contact” and send me your links. If you feel like it, tell me a little about you and say hi.

A moment of Young Guns: The title of this post was inspired by a famous scene from Young Guns. Click and enjoy:
“Did you see the size of that chicken?”