Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello everyone! Thank you for continuing to read my blog. I’m in my new home, have my new car and recovering from the upper respiratory infection that came on the minute I took my first deep sigh of relief.

The changes that provided opportunities in the new year came at me fast, furious and required immediate resolution. (If you are confused, check the last few blog entries for 2011.) Instead of running around like a nut, I took my time looking the right home and I found it. I did the same thing with my new car. All plans executed in a span of two weeks – with an infusion in between. It wasn’t done alone. I had help from my brother and cousins. After having to relocate so many times in the past three years, I feel that this place is my home. I will move out after my son graduates high school to move closer to the ocean. Until then, this is where I will stay. This is the best I have felt about moving into a place since I bought my first home in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

I hope everyone has a as good a 2012 as I am having. Sure the Mayan Calender says the world is going to end, but is it really? Maybe it’s the end for many to wake from a fog, state of misery or confusion. A new beginning- like waking up in the morning and feeling its a new day.

Yes, I’m still surviving Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis and chronic pain daily. But it’s a new year and with it comes hope. I look forward to learning from my readers, fellow bloggers, Tweeple and those I meet in person. I still have much more to say about Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis, Veteran’s Issues, Healthcare Reform and of course, it’s an election year. Thank you in advance for continuing to read and help raise awareness to get closer to a cure to two very nasty diseases.

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  1. Your words means a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I look forward to reading your blog. Keep writing!

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