I’m Coming Out of The Closet!

Break the bonds of ugly hate-speak! It can start with us!

You know what I really love about not being affiliated or paid by a non-profit or corporate entity:  I get to say what I want.  The objective of this blog is not only to raise awareness and hopefully educate patients, but it’s also to encourage fellow patients to be active.  We matter, our votes matter and we do make a difference.

I’ll admit, it’s hard to pay attention to current events when there is so much noise to filter through to get to facts.  As I read national publications endorsing candidates and propositions, I am inspired to write about who I’m voting for and why.  All candidates are not alike and every vote counts.

Ground Rules
I am going to express my opinions.  I encourage readers to do the same.  Comments are very welcome, but they are moderated.  I encourage everyone to post their opinion.  If you don’t agree, great.  Post your opinion, but do not insult another reader personally.  The only thing we all have to agree on, is that diseases like scleroderma and sarcoidosis need to be cured.  And, if you don’t want to know what I think or discuss politics, feel free to skip this post.  My goal with this post is to encourage readers to vote and express an opinion without hate, anger or name calling.

My Challenge to You
I encourage discussion and if you choose to comment, I challenge you to comment without snark.  Give a fact about who or what you support to back up your opinion.   Humor is always welcome, but anything racist or hateful will not be posted by me, the moderator.

Ignoring The Critics
We have all been advised at one time or another that politics should not be discussed.   My question is: Why not?  If we can’t live together with different opinions, what’s the point?  I feel like our culture has become one that cannot tolerate a disagreement between it’s members without attacking each other in a hurtful way.  Personal insults and name calling are not discussing a topic, but that is what I see on TV and also in interactions between people when I’m out and about.  I was told by an acquaintance: that because I did not agree with someone he shared the same views with, I deserved the physical threat I received from a complete stranger.  (Hence earning the coveted status of  acquaintance.)

In another conversation, I spoke with someone about the gentleman in Virginia who threw away voter registration forms.  The man thought it was terrible, until he found out those registered voters were of a party he did not agree with, then he stated his approval of the man who threw those forms in the trash.  I don’t think there is anything funny about suppressing someone’s right to vote, whether I agree with that person or not.  As citizens, it’s the only say we get in our government.

Don’t write about politics, it offends people.
Yes, writing about politics can be offensive if it’s written to provoke  hate and misinformation.    With a twenty-four hour news cycle; hate, hysteria and misinformation gets ratings.  Look at the title of this post.  Did you wonder for one second that I would be professing I was a lesbian?  It got your attention and some of you thought, “Maybe now she’ll try a threesome.”  I hooked you in with my misleading title.  (And thank you for continuing to read, btw.)

Let’s Talk Politics
Most of you know my political opinions.   In this post I will address a proposition on the California ballot and who I am voting for for president.  I’m going explain my reasons for my choices without name calling.  I believe it can be done.  One of the reasons I’m coming out with my opinions is because I think these conversations can be had, but in order for them to happen, someone has to start one; so here I go.  Not to mention, I rarely see comments on this blog and I want to see some comments.  Positive, negative, critical, the only rule is no hate or name calling to make a point.  Don’t we get enough of that elsewhere?

Proposition 37
I’m voting yes.  Genetically Modified food may seem like a great idea to increase production and lower prices, but the things used to modify these foods are harmful to humans.  In this article about Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms, the “Cons” outweighed the benefits to me.  As someone  who is very sensitive to chemicals, I have a great deal of concern that pesticides are added as genetic modifiers.  I think companies in a free market have the right to do this, but I have the right to know what’s in my food.  In my grocery store, milk is expensive, especially organic milk.  The label on the low cost milk is deceptive to me.  It reads, “Our farmers have made a commitment not to use antibiotics or milk from genetically modified cows.”

To me, that says, “We’re not promoting the use of antibiotics or genetically modified organisms, but we believe everything our farmers tell us.  If they use these, we don’t know about it.”  I drink almond milk now.  My son is getting used to it and most of the time, he can never tell.

The other red flag that goes up for me are those funding the “No on 37” campaign.  Number 1 of these donors is Monsanto, one of the largest tomato growers and the largest donor so far with a whopping $7,100,500.00 in donations; followed by chemical companies and makers of processed foods.  So these multi-million dollar companies will suffer if they have to label what’s in their food?  Sounds like a simple printing fix to me.  They appear to have something to hide to me, so on 37, my vote is a yes.

I’m voting for president based on what I see going on.
With all the talking heads referring  to one candidate as a secret Muslim and the other candidate as sexist, I look past the name calling and take a look at what’s going on around me and listen carefully to what comes directly from a candidate’s mouth.  They are by no means the same.

In 2008, my ex-husband and I drove though the inland empire to visit a bankruptcy lawyer.  I was feeling especially low and I saw more than one road project that looked not only abandoned, but dilapidated.  These worksites  did not have a day or two off, they stopped completely because of lack of funding somewhere.  In 2012, there is a project going all over parts  of I-215 & I-15.  I see people building and redesigning new on-ramps and making much needed highway repairs.  I see private contractors and their employees doing the work.  People are working.

As far as letting “Detroit go Bankrupt”, I get what Mitt Romney was trying to say about getting the car companies help through the legal process, but as a former small business owner who filed bankruptcy, I will never forget how time consuming and the cost involved it was to start over.  We made a product from raw materials.  Our suppliers for these raw materials lost money because we were forgiven our debt.  Now, Imagine that on a larger scale.  A car company goes bankrupt; all payments to their vendors stop.   Small vendors cannot afford to just forgive a payment for a large order, especially on the scale a large automotive company would order.  It’s a ripple effect and it radiates to the smaller supply companies.  Some of these companies have exclusivity agreements with car companies not to sell their products to other manufacturers.  I feel that what the president did in Detroit, saved  time and money  by avoiding the bankruptcy process.  That kept the suppliers to the car companies open as well as the after market auto part industry that supply many of those parts mechanics use that are purchased in bulk from smaller companies, then resold by national vendors.

Then there’s the Veterans Administration and Medicare, which allows me to have excellent healthcare.  I have been in the system since 1994.  I used private insurance   insurance 2004-2007.  I was still monitored by the VA Hospital, but my care and medication was covered by outside insurance, so I did some exploring.  Because I got to pick the health insurance for our company, I made sure it was the best.  It was referred to by more than one provider as, “golden insurance”.  It did open doors for me and my chronic illnesses and eventually led to my secondary diagnosis of Sarcoidosis.  The only problem was, my doctors wanted me on Viagra, Remicade and at one point, Sandostatin to get my GI tract moving.  I spent many hours on the phone fighting to get my insurance to cover these medications.  I was turned down for one because I did not have a penis- even though the origin of Viagra was to treat Pumonary Hypertension in newborns.

In 2007, our business was struggling and  I lost my private insurance.  I went back to the VA and got Medicare to help with specialists outside the VA.   A funny thing happened.  During a hospital stay at UCLA, covered by medicare, I had no problem getting approved for Viagra.  Then when the VA took over my prescription dispensing, there was no fight- a few formulary challenges that were granted, but I started getting the care I needed based not on what I could afford, but what I needed.

My healthcare is taken care of, but so many other people who did not have Veteran’s benefits are struggling.  Many fellow patients live on Social Security alone and it’s an understatement to call it a struggle to afford living expenses on $1037.00 a month.

Speaking of closets…  Everyone should have the right to marry who they love.  Not just for the commitment to each other, but for equal protection under the law.  There are too many reasons to list, so I will stop here.  I’m voting for Barack Obama.   I want Supreme Court Justices appointed who do not have the objective to overturn Roe v Wade, and deny gay people the right to marry.  We are called the “Land of the Free” for a reason and I don’t believe it means a majority has the freedom to suppress the rights of a minority.

Speak Your Mind
Who are you voting for?  Remember the rules: No hate, no name calling.  Give a fact or an observation for your reason or don’t give any reason at all.  Isn’t it time for all of us to show each other respect when sharing our opinions?  It has to start somewhere.

Thank you for reading.  As I have said before, this blog is not about chronic illness only.  We are not our diagnoses.  Don’t forget to vote!


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  1. So very well said, and I love the fact there will be no name calling or hate. We all have opinions and should be able to express them without fear or ridicule. I am sharing and hope all will read and respond. I am 100% in agreement with all your points.

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