Laugh At What Scares You

Some of you may already know I started  doing stand-up comedy in 2013.  When I began, I did not want to be the #scleroderma comedian; but because it’s a big part of my story, I have to talk about it the only way I know how, by making fun of it.  And honestly, my adventures in veteran’s hospitals, medical facilities and dating provides a ton of original material.  But I still do not want to be the scleroderma comedian, and that is possible.  Because within these adventures, are stories everyone can relate to in relationships, rejection, disappointment and hope.  So, that’s my story.

This weekend, is the Scleroderma Education Conference in Tennessee.  I’m creating memes based on things I’ve said over the past 20 years.  I normally don’t upload a bunch of pics to Instagram at once, but with the conference, it seems like a good time to post some.  You can find them on Instagram @karenOvasquez.  I will be posting dates of upcoming shows on my comedian page on Facebook.  My humor is PG-13, so except for instgram I keep the blog and comedy seperate.

I have been posting here about once a month.  There are so many great scleroderma blogs out there, check out my blogroll for the ones I follow.

About the tag #LaughAtWhatScaresYou it’s just that:  Something that breaks the tension when things seem scary or a great way to teach others.  It’s something for not just #scleroderma & #sarcoidosis patients to share.  It’s for everyone to share.  Don’t worry, I won’t be starting a foundation or patient group.  There are plenty to choose from and I’m not into commitment.

So please, follow the links and check out the tags.  Share what you feel is worthy.

Thanks! -Karen