Monkeys and Changes

You may have noticed the term #FlyingMonkeys if you follow me on twitter. It started with a conversation I was having and just didn’t know how to respond. Having a chronic illness I constantly hear things like, “get well” or “I hope you feel better soon”. They are well intended wishes and I know people wish these things for me and many others. When I tell someone I hope well for them and it doesn’t happen, saying it again seems pointless because they are only words. So I thought, why not say words that will make someone smile. Humorous confusion is funny and laughter can lift someone’s spirit. #FlyingMonkeys belongs to everyone and is meant as an expression of compassion or whatever you want it to be as long as it makes someone smile. Words can be meaningless just as much as they can be powerful. Why not use these powers for good?

My inner Freud would analyze & attach some sort of meaning or rules, but there are only two rules for #FlyingMonkeys. Allow me to simplify it in the spirit of Fight Club:

The first rule of #Flyingmonkeys is it be used only for good.
The second rule of #flyingmonkeys is follow the first rule.
See, easy like cake. (I have never understood the term “easy as pie”. Cake is so much easier.)

About the changes… You may have seen me in a Vlog or two with @julianna12369 We have combined our powers and have decided to use them for good. Together, with many more on twitter we are #chronicallyawesome. Do a search on twitter with #chronicallyawesome or #FlyingMonkeys and see the goings on, connect with others. It’s not just about Autoimmune diseases, it’s about life and its complications.

Now about me: I’m going to be making some major changes to my blog. My life is not just Scleroderma and Sarcoidosis. I can’t even drink box wine anymore. My alcohol consumption has to be rare so I save it for special occasions. I have also created a Face Book page, Karen Vasquez so I can receive direct messages from anyone who has questions, concerns or complaints. It’s also a place where I will post more photos etc because I will know who can view the page. I allow posting on it, but if I see a post trying to sell some crazy miracle cure I will unfriend and block you. I still have the blog page but there is no way to send me messages.

I will still be submitting articles to my Spoonie friends along with others.

Have you visited What the Jules? .com yet? Check out our Vlogs together.Go, NOW! My article about Social Security is already up- check it out. Jules also has some great articles from other bloggers as well as her own work to read as well. We Vlog together because it is geographically possible, it’s fun, we have chemistry and let’s face it- we are easy on the eyes. I will be posting my own Vlogs but they will be much shorter. I will expose you to my solo rantings in small bits. You are welcome.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog, reading my rantings on Twitter and following my adventures onFace Book. I have 20 years of chronically awesome adventures that I hope people can learn from and find helpful. #FlyingMonkeys to all and have a #ChronicallyAwesome Day!