My Remicade Infusion Cost $22,000 in 2007

Yesterday, I had an infusion of Remicade that in 2007 cost $22,000. (I saw the cost on my insurance statement back in 2007.) Remicade with Methotrexate suppresses my immune system to keep Sarcoidosis and Scleroderma from progressing further. In other words, they keep my chronic potentially fatal diseases from killing me.


Today, I have three doctor’s appointments three days of this week. I have tried to volunteer at a local non-profit and I felt like a flake because I am constantly sick or have doctor’s appointments. I am one of the lucky ones. Most people have to work to keep their medical benefits so they can afford their medications and go in sick because if they loose their jobs and benefits, they will die without their meds. (I was going to revise that last sentence, but I’m kind of proud of that run-on)


Everyone should have the healthcare I do. I am a 100% Service Connected Veteran and I am lucky enough to qualify for Medicare. Medicare made it possible for the Doctors at the VA to refer me to a specialist when they had no idea how to treat my condition. I will elaborate more in another post, but I need to get to my doctor’s appointment for some routine poking and prodding- and no, no one buys me dinner after. I wouldn’t have time anyway, I have too many appointments.


If you haven’t had the chance, please read and share this article I submitted to But You Don’t Look


I was informed thatyesterday was World Lupus Day, but other websites say it’s May 12th. I’m so confused. I won’t be confined to an easy chair and IV on the 12th as I was yesterday, so I may not be as tweetey, but I will do my best.


If you feel like it, do a search on Twitter for #WorldLupusDay. You may find some fun facts (or just facts depending on your sense of humor). Yes, I know this is a blog about Scleroderma and Sarcoidosis, but it’s all autoimmune baby! Research and breakthroughs with other diseases open doors for better treatment and the possibility of a cure for all diseases. Together, we are stronger.

Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone.