Opening Doors With One Hand & Other Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Scleroderma

My son is coming home for the weekend.  I need to do the dishes and get the apartment ready, so of course, I sit down to write.  Why is it I feel so inspired when it;s time to do the dishes.  Oh the the quandary of a writer!  *Places back of hand to forehead and retreats to fainting couch*


I’m using hard plastic splints to progressively open my hands.  These splints were formed around theshape of my hand and every now and then they are adjusted to extend my fingers even more.  When using plastic splints in the past, my skin would break down, resulting in slow healing MRSA infections.



So, you all remember my clawed hands,  right?  (What?  You don’t.  That’s okay, check this out on Utube It shows how I type, but you get the point.)  I have to get going, but I will leave you these “action” shots of me opening the front gate and my splint.  And yes, I did my Austin Powers impression while shooting this… and I’m spent.

As a side note, as soon as I am able, I will be visiting the San Diego Veteran’s Hospital OT department, who in 1999 my hands were hopeless.  And by able, I mean able to extend my middle finger.


Have a great Friday all!







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