Scleroderma Awareness Month, Day 2

People with chronic illnesses often have spiritual awakenings and find their true calling.  Me, I have only one regret:  That I never worked at Hooters in my 20’s.  I would have made a killing.

I have also learned, I hate being around sick people.  I have met some amazing people who have scleroderma, or diseases like it.  I just wish we had met in paddle boarding or spinning classes.

I’m not going to clutter your day with a long post.  You have other scleroderma posts to read, and honestly I’ve been writing the same stuff for years.

Yes, yes I did rip this off from Google images.  Maybe someone will recognize it and try to sue me.  Scleroderma could really use the publicity.  Maybe I should start looking for a hobby.  Enjoy the tiny picture!  I’m going to pretend I;m the one on your right, in the picture.

This looks a lot more fun than a support group.