Introducing… Turtle-isms!

Welcome to the first edition of Illustrated Turt-isms!

Behind the scenes of a Raynaud’s attack.  Raynaud’s is a symptom of Scleroderma CREST, Diabetes and more.

A raynaud's attack shwing creatures choking blood vessels, then Viagra stepping in to save the day.
Raynaud’s: Defined as an overreaction by the sympathetic nervous system in response to cold. But this is what I think is really going on.

Illustration by Chris Dean of Life Your Way!
Written by Karen Vasquez
A DeanSquez Joint

The Mighty Turtle That Could: An Exercise Journal

Well, it’s almost that time of year again.  That magical time after the holidays when it’s all about, “New Year, new you!”  Yes, last year I joined a gym and have not been back since April-ish.  I’m trying something new this year.  Here on my blog, I will be talking abput exercises I have done starting from zero.  I am going to use this category to talk about things I find that are helpful to me, inexpensive and something that I hope will help those who read about it.

Now, I do not expect anyone to take what I write and use it as a fix all.  If you find an idea that you think is interesting and find a way to modify it to your needs, please be sure to share.  We may have different diagnoses, but we have many symptoms in common.  We’re in this together.

Stay tuned…