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My Health Works with Me to Fight Scleroderma and Sarcoidosis.

                                     Day 8, A letter to my health. Dear My Health, Thanks for sticking through all the crazy things going on.  You have been there for me through thick and thin.  I have often heard from doctors, “With […]

Why I Choose to Leave Public Nervous Breakdowns to The Kardashians

How do I decide what to share? 3. Will anyone else but me care?  No= Pick new topic 2. Do I have valid research to back information I talk about? No= Pick new topic 1.  Should I post about an ongoing unresolved  crisis?  No= Pick new topic.   Solve crisis privately, post when there is […]

The Purpose-Free Driven Day

This morning, I felt unusually fatigued.  I had no energy.  My mind said go, my body said no.  So, I pondered the cause of today’s  fatigue with some questions. Were my lungs exchanging oxygen properly?  I breathe easier after taking viagra: did I take it? Then there’s  Pulmonary Fibrosis because of scleroderma and/or sarcoidosis: because […]

A Tremor In The Force

On August 7, 2012, there was a great tremor in the force and we lost Lexie,  aka @OneBloggerGirl, a fellow scleroderma patient.  She was 28 as of her blog info. I, like many of my friends on Twitter, only new her online.  I really have no words right now except that my thoughts and wishes […]