Pain Management & Scleroderma Part II

Or:  Who Beat Me with a Bag of Oranges?

Yesterday, I got all happy in my post about managing my pain, so this morning I woke up hurting.  Not because of Murphy’s Law or I jinxed myself, no, I am not that powerful.  Scleroderma bestows upon those of us who have it a superpower to predict the weather, before we look out the window.

So yes, we went from sunny California, to rain last night.  Those of us with rheumatic  diseases like scleroderma or of advanced age, can feel changes  in barometric pressure.

My grandfather used to say, “Karen, it’s going to rain.  I can feel it in my bones.”  He could predict the weather better than the most seasoned meteorologists.    I do miss his old school brooklyn accent *sigh*.

So, this morning when I woke up, it felt like someone came in last night and hit me with a bag of oranges.  I opened my eyes and thought:  It’s raining,  yay.

I live in a one story apartment, so I no longer use this example to describe my weather change sense super power:

Gnomes put me in a canvas bag last night; dragged me down then back up the stairs, removed me from the bag and lovingly tucked me back into bed while I was sleeping last night.

So, how do I deal with the pain?  
This is not a 1 Vicodin day.  It’s a 1 Vicodin as needed day.  So, if anyone needs me, I’ll be on the couch until the pain meds kick in- which may not be enough to get me off the couch.

But Karen, You Said You Were Stable?
Yes, I am stable.  My disease is progressing slowly and my condition is considered stable because it is manageable with medication.  So that means I didn’t loose my “superpower” to predict the weather.  This is a great example of how the best possible outcome, is not always the outcome I really want.  It beats the alternative, so I’ll take it.

What about Medicinal Marijuana?
That’s a whole other post, but here’s the short version:  I get paranoid.  It works for the pain, but the paranoia completely undermines my productivity.  I get nothing done hiding under my bed.

Do you have a colorful way to describe you pain?
Please share your “gnome” or “bag of oranges” examples.  Laughing at what scares us only makes us stronger.

Circa 197?. Little did we know that we would have weather predicting super powers.

Thanks for reading!