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WEGO Health: Miss Congeniality & Hilarious Health Activist

Day 30 Chris Dean Virgo. Pocket Duck Expert. WEGO Heath Activist. I heard about Chris Dean’s blog, Life Your Way! in June of 2012.  Since that time, I  try to read her blog every day.  It is truly where “Health and Humor Meet in a Head-on Collision”.  I am supporting her nomination as Miss Congeniality […]

Dating While Chronically Ill Is Not A Crime

Day 27 of NHPBM I Bet You Didn’t Know… Being single and 40 is no picnic.  Remember when you were married or in a committed relationship and you used to chuckle about your single friends using online dating sites?  How’s that Humble Pie taste now, fellow Bitches? My slice of humble pie tastes like lentils. […]

Dental Tips for Scleroderma & Why I Love Working With Students

Day 21 of Wego Health’s NHPBM Bonus Prompt: Raise Awareness Scleroderma & Dental Health   I have not been able to keep up with the 30 day 30 in 30 for Wego Health for a few reasons, but one is I recently had some dental surgery.  Last monday, I underwent a Connective Tissue/Gum Graft.  This […]

Taking Viagra Four Times a Day Is Not THAT Weird!

  November 2, 2012 Please enjoy this  slice of my life, with blue sprinkles… What most people know about Viagra, makes it sound weird  that woman would need to take Viagra four times a day, but after this post you will be able to explain why and hopefully make a comment about this post.  I […]