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Scleroderma: Part of The Adventure

I recently announced my scleroderma may be in remission.  According to Merriam Webster,  remission (is)  a period of time during a serious illness when the patient’s health improves. Remission was my word, not my doctor’s.  I have also heard from other patients who will not use remission as well.  The general consensus is, although the […]

Yoga with My 87 Year-Old Aunt Is Awesome!

I had a fantastic holiday weekend.  I hung out at my aunt’s house in Lancaster for four days with my Aunt Carmen, and ,cousin Karen (yes, she is my namesake.) I have always looked up to my cousin Karen.  The first time I visited her home in San Jose as an adult, was in the […]

Hope Is Afoot

Every time I think of things being “afoot”, I think of the movie, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  I also just started watching House of Cards, and I have compulsion to editorialize what’s going on to an imaginary camera.  Both events are most likely symptoms of too much TV and way too much time alone […]

Back To The Beginning, Again. An update about my exercise activity with scleroderma.

This a follow up to a post I wrote in 2012.  I almost started fixing typos, but realized what it really needed,  was an update.  I have sarcoidosis in addition to scleroderma, but sarcoidosis is contained with medication.  There was a great deal of damage done to my body, including my lungs that are scarred, known as […]

Go Up The Chain of Command; or In Plain English: Talk to That Person’s Supervisor.

This is also a response to a tweet I disagreed with during a chat with Treatment Diaries almost a year ago.  A fellow patient tweeted, “The Rheumatologist is the captain of your medical team.”  I disagreed.  I could not properly state why at the time.  Now, here is my response: Only if the rheumatologist is […]

The Growing Pains of Self Advocacy

In August, I moved from Murrieta to Long Beach to be closer to a Veteran’s Hospital.  I was being seen at Loma Linda Veteran’s Hospital, in San Bernardino for over 10 years.  I moved to Long Beach because I prefer the beach to the mountains.   Yesterday, I had a follow up appointment with my […]

Part 2: How Fox News Calls This Veteran A Member of Entitlement Nation

Part 2.  I have recently been released from the hospital.  When I got out, I saw elected officials suggest we defund ACA to fund food programs for the poor.  The ACA is law.  It’s not perfect, but neither has anything else been perfect, at any time in history.  Yes, I am a disabled veteran, and with that […]

It’s Not So Bad, If You Enjoy Walking into a Cactus.

  This part’s a little gross.  If you’re eating, you may want to skip to the next section… Over the weekend, I had a sore on my foot.  It turned out to be a blister.  My original fear was it was one of those lovely calcinosis sores and luckily, it wasn’t.  It did become infected, […]

The Mighty Turtle Is Moving!

I’m still in the process of transferring posts to The Mighty Turtle’s new home on Blogger.  Please enjoy this drawing I stole from Google images, then head on over to the “new” site.

How To Request Blood Tests Before a Doctor’s Appointment

It’s easier than you think! Patients with chronic illnesses, see specialists for routine appointments four times a year.  Many, like me, are on life extending drugs that can cause damage to kidneys, liver and cause infections, so four times a year becomes a normal routine.   I used to be upset because the blood test […]