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Pain Management & Scleroderma Part II

Or:  Who Beat Me with a Bag of Oranges? Yesterday, I got all happy in my post about managing my pain, so this morning I woke up hurting.  Not because of Murphy’s Law or I jinxed myself, no, I am not that powerful.  Scleroderma bestows upon those of us who have it a superpower to […]

Pain Management with Scleroderma

      If you missed the Treatment Diaries Chat about Scleroderma on 3/5/2013, we talked briefly about the stigma of pain medication.  (check it out HERE “I don’t want to depend on pain medication.” Sometimes, it’s what we need to do. Stop the pain medication stigma already!  We’ve all said it.   Of course, in […]

Treatment Diaries Guest Post: Personal Experience With Scleroderma

Happy Friday! On March 5, I will have the honor to participate in a Twitter Chat with Treatment Diaries. Today, my guest post is on their blog, Treatment Diaries Blog.   Please visit their blog-I am so excited to be a guest! Thanks, Karen

Thanks Scleroderma;-)

So yesterday’s post turned out to be 100 here.  Yeah, I phoned it in, but I am totally using my scleroderma card.  But, just because I whipped out the scleroderma ouchie cared, doesn’t mean I’m going to let it stop me.  I’m way too smart and stubborn for that. I’m not going to stress it. […]

While You Are Waiting…

Happy Hump Day All!! I’m working on a post that requires transcribing of an interview- I know, I should probably get some updated software, but for now, I’m using my thumb and index finger and having a great time!  Seriously , I am.   And while you are waiting, please check out some great blogs. […]

Introducing… Turtle-isms!

Welcome to the first edition of Illustrated Turt-isms! Behind the scenes of a Raynaud’s attack.  Raynaud’s is a symptom of Scleroderma CREST, Diabetes and more. Illustration by Chris Dean of Life Your Way! Written by Karen Vasquez A DeanSquez Joint

The Virgin Diet Book Review (kind of), My Sexy Liberal-ness and Why The Mighty Turtle is Not a Business or Non-Profit.

This isn’t your every day book review.    I am writing this because I read The Virgin Diet, by J.J. Virgin and I am making some changes based  what I learned from the book, my experience and research.   I learned of J.J. Virgin from an hour presentation she did on PBS. So, after two weeks of […]

Chronic Pain Management, Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis and Moving

This is a quick post before I get back to unpacking: How am I making it through this week of moving?  Lots of help of course, but I am not standing around and pointing.  I’m using my hands in ways I normally don’t.  The damage from sclerderma has limited me from doing things I wouldn’t […]

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s lucky ’13.  I hope your ’13 is going well.  There have been some great changes for me.  I am in the process of relocating to an apartment.  Moving is “fun”!  I need to acknowledge my family and friends who have been helping.  They are generously tolerating my apprehension to ask for help and […]

A Kid’s Book About Scleroderma

‘My Mom’s Special’ By Andrea Oakland By Karen Vasquez One of many challenges faced by patients with scleroderma: The effect on the children of patients. The story is told in the voice of a young daughter about daily life with her mom, who has scleroderma.  There is no talk of flares or emergency room visits. […]