Surprise! I have toes!

I have been attending Krav Maga consistently and something happened tonight.

You know that “Soldier Crawl”?   I had modified it using my forearms and knees.  Today,  I was crawling, and quite naturally, my toes took over for my knees.  It felt natural, and surprised me.  It only happened twice, but it happened.   I did the “soldier’s crawl” as it was supposed to be done,  for a few moments.

This is kind of how I felt when realized my footing was getting better.


I tell myself every day that if I keep moving, my range of motion will come back.  I know it will never be what it was before, but there is potential and now realistic hope my range will improve.

I had another revelation: My toes are not useless.  They’re just fused and different, but they are not lost.

I’m encouraged, exhausted and sore.   The good kind of sore.

Jedi Wound Care

Jedi Wound Care

Last night, there was a “scab” on my middle finger  MCP.  The skin around it was swollen and red.  It was hot to the touch.  I decided to use  non-stick gauze cover it and applied antibiotic ointment.

I’ve Been Slimed!

Two house later, I took a peak and there was – for lack of a better term, green slime.  I removed the dressing and prepared myself for a relaxing soak.

De-Sliming Protocol Engaged

I filled  bowl with warm water and hydrogen peroxide.  I soaked for about ten minutes.  The slime was drawn out by the warm water and the peroxide cleaned the tissue.  Note: Never soak in straight peroxide.  Always mix with water.  Ask your doctor or a wound care health practitioner at your next doctor’s appointment for advice about soaking.  It’s not that anyone is withholding secrets: Appointments have time limits.  Put this question on your list.

I soaked my hand for almost 10 minutes.  I took it out of the water frequently because I was curious and impatient.  That’s how I made the time pass quickly.    When my hand was immersed in the water/peroxide solution, I could see the “slime” float away from the wound like wafting cigarette smoke.

When finished with my soak, I rinsed with sterile saline solution.  (Warm water will do if no saline)  I gently dabbed away remaining slime that was now yellowish-white, and allowed it to dry for about 45 minutes.

That’s A Wrap People

It’s not always possible, but after soaking if you can let the wound dry out before covering, skin is less likely to break down.  Don’t sweat it if you need to cover it and go.  Just use non-stick gauze with no ointment to let the gauze absorb moisture.  Bring some ointment and supplies for a clean dressing change with ointment later.

Once the wound is dry, apply ointment to gauze straight from tube.  By applying to gauze, you are not compromising the ointment by applying directly to tissue, and you won’t need to use a cotton swab.  A cotton swab to the wound may not sound “traumatic” but it has been my experience, the less I touch the wound, the better.

So, a dollop of ointment to the gauze, then apply tape to back of gauze and smooth tape gauze side down over wound.  If you have Colban (stretch it- you dont want it to be constricting.) or a thin way to wrap the wound, great.  I have uses a thin ankle sock with holes cut for fingers and thumb when I don’t have something.   I roam around the house in tape & gauze, but when active, I wrap it for extra protection.

The Law of Attraction

I don’t know about you, but when I have a healing wound, if I’m going to bump into something, I will bump it with my wound.  Yep.  I have tried to be more aware and cautious, but that only seems to make it more likely to bump or bang it into something.  I call it The Danger Prone DaphneEffect.  So, rather than fight it, I wrap it.  So, yeah, the sock is not crazy.  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

And now, some before and after pictures.  Try not to be eating.  If you have question’s please post them in comments.  If I don’t know the answer, I will find one or send you to a source that could.  

See the hole? That is surrounded by tissue that was once swollen, then drained by soaking. Notice the redness around the tissue surrounding the hole. Never, ever puncture a wound. Soak it and let it drain. The implement used to “break” it will introduce bacteria that can make it worse. This picture was taken last night. The anatomical location is my middle finger knuckle attached to my hand or MCP. Still wondering, go to link provided for hand anatomy.










"after" picture of infected wound.  fluid gone, selling gone and healing.

This morning: The tissue is not as yellow as it appears. I left these photos unedited because it did not help. The redness present last night around the swollen tissue is gone. The area is sore, but only if I press on it, not to the touch. It is also no longer “warm”. When I removed the dressing this morning, the tissue was wet and beginning to break down, so I have left it to air dry this morning to allow my skin to regain some integrity before showering. After I shower I will let this air dry for an hour before rewrapping and setting out for my active day.














Hand Anatomy 

For more information about Scleroderma and related conditions, please visit:

Scleroderma Research Foundation

Scleroderma Foundation

Scleroderma Care Foundation


The Raynaud’s Association

Pulmonary Hypertension Association

Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation

And a word from our sponsor: Me

Votre Vu

Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis and Skin Care?

All my travel, education and maintenance for The Mighty Turtle, is covered by me.  I seek no sponsors, because when someone writes a check, there is an obligation of loyalty for their support.  That’s something I put upon myself, but hey, I like sleeping at night.

Here’s why I don’t seek sponsors:  I am free to say what I want.  I can support, or not support any non-profit I wish based on my perspective as a patient.  I can make jokes that are more adult than PG-13.  I did consider becoming a non-profit, but I want all tax deductible donations to go to research and eduction by existing non-profits doing outstanding work.  I just do not see a point in the wasted expense of  corporate fees for my silly blog.  The thing is, I’m not just a blog.  I volunteer my time and I attend education events.  These things cost money.  I am “lucky” enough to have disability benefits from the Veteran’s Administration and access to world class healthcare, but I’d like to attend fundraiser to show those who contribute that people can lead productive lives once symptoms are under control.  I am in a remission-esque state.  My prognosis is good and I’m feeling good.

I have had a lot of kindness bestowed upon me by people I have never met in person, who send well wishes, prayers and thoughts.  I have also met many who do not have access to health care.  Good people fighting for disability benefits, and vilified by the media and neighbors for seeking help while fighting for their lives.  And once they get help, they are “awarded” a pittance that is gobbled up by medication copays, food and rent.  And while they live on these benefits, they endue ridicule from people who think they don’t deserve it.  It’s not that there is a majority of douce nozzles who vilify the sick, poor and elderly.  There certainly is an abundance of douche nozzles, but it has been my experience that they are the minority.  Douche nozzles just yell the loudest, so they are the ones being heard.  I want to change that.

The thing about being an activist is, in order to go places and do things, I require money to get to events.  Some activists are lucky to be self sufficient.  Some work a full time job and do activism in their off time.  Some have benefactors or sponsors to help their work.  My problem was, I needed funds to go places and do things to further my mission, but I did not feel comfortable asking for donations or working for a non-profit. I am also in no condition to hold down a full time job.  If I need to rest, I need to be able to rest and recover. Now, I have a solution.

Yesterday, I became a Brand Ambassador or sales rep for Votre Vu.  Everyone has skin, it’s a product line I can stand behind and feel comfortable recommending to others.   I get to use my unique set of skills as a manicurist and beauty school drop out.  Sure, yoga pants and novelty t-shirts are a staple in my closet, but I know skin care.  Working as a Brand Ambassador for Votre Vu will help with expenses to get out, and show the world that high quality health care and the right treatment; not most cost effective treatment, saves lives.

So, in order to get my business going, I have started a Facebook page and Twitter.  This way, I can raise awareness without a bunch of “words from my sponsor” mixing my business with my activism. Yes, they will mingle like chocolate and peanut butter at times, but I will do my best not to make it a regular thing.  

Today,  I am writing about it to grow my business- of course, but I want to make clear my mission: Raising awareness and assisting non-profits without compensation.  I don’t want to be compensated by non-profits because it allows me to work with any non-profit I wish.  I play nice in “The Sandbox” with everyone who is working for cures and making information freely available.  I have the freedom of not competing for funds.  Non-profits have to work to get research and education funds from donors.  I want to help.

So, I’ve taken this post and rambled about my plans.  Thanks for reading.  Please “like” and “follow” where applicable.  And if you have an occasion for a gift or would like to try some great skin care, please keep my Votre Vu store in mind.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…