Stirrups Will Be Provided for Her Comfort

Thank You for Protecting My “Freedom”

In 2010, Nebraska wanted to cut off pre-natal care services to women. But wait… That was 2010. Surely now in 2012, we have become more enlightened about women’s reproductive health and access to family planning- Right? Nope. Now in Virgina, they are working to pass a law requiring women to have a vaginal ultrasound against medical advice and their own will if they are to seek an abortion.

First of all, no one WANTS to have an abortion. There are medical necessities and personal issues that should only be the decision of a woman and her doctor. But wait, there’s more- In addition to the vaginal ultra sound, people are working hard to make contraception unavailable to anyone.

So, we women should not be allowed to make personal private decisions about our own bodies. That’s awesome! It’s so nice of those kind, elderly gentlemen to make it so I don’t have to hurt my pretty little head with such a decision. Of course, after the child is born- I’m on my own.

But at least I will have my “Freedom”

-Freedom to raise my child conceived during rape or incest. Despite the 9 months of waiting until the child is born. I’m sure that during my wait for my baby’s arrival, I would just be happy to be having a baby because isn’t what every woman wants?

-Freedom to die on the delivery table before the baby or fetus is delivered & orphan the children I already have.

-Freedom to give birth to a child that may be fathered by someone I may have a restraining order against because he tried to kill me. Well, I did have sex with him- but probably because I didn’t want to make him mad…. I was still sore from the last beating and he was probably right, I did have it coming.

Not only am I disgusted because I feel like a second class citizen because I too have a vagina, but I was told never to get pregnant again by my doctor. You see, if I were to become pregnant again, I risk orphaning the son I have. I had HELLP syndrome and he had to be delivered 2 months premature. But I am one of the lucky ones. My son and I survived. There are many other women who are not so lucky. Because of HELLP Syndrome they have damaged hearts, kidneys and/or livers and their babies did not survive. But you know what, medical reasons or not, there is no reason to deny any woman access to contraception or abortion. It is a decision between a woman and her doctor. If we are going to deny access to contraception for women, what about vasectomies? Viagra? Oh, wait…. that’s a private matter between a man and HIS doctor.

Here’s an idea… If you don’t believe in abortion no matter the circumstances; don’t have one. If you don’t believe in contraception; don’t use it. A solution without any of that big government you keep complaining about. I must say, a vaginal ultrasound – that’s the one where the probe is inserted into a woman’s vagina- or denial of women’s health services sounds a lot like government invading one’s privacy.

I keep waiting to hear someone market unnecessary and unwanted vaginal probing to those who have been raped or victims of incest like those awful pharmaceutical commercials:

“Pregnant due to Rape? Don’t worry, this time your vagina will be violated in a hospital, done by clinical professionals. Side effects may include all the psychological damage and dehumanization of rape, but without all that violence or expense of investigation. You will have to provide their own socks if you wish to keep your feet warm, but stirrups will be provided for your comfort.”