Thanks Scleroderma;-)

So yesterday’s post turned out to be 100 here.  Yeah, I phoned it in, but I am totally using my scleroderma card.  But, just because I whipped out the scleroderma ouchie cared, doesn’t mean I’m going to let it stop me.  I’m way too smart and stubborn for that.

I’m not going to stress it.  See, I had planned a great post that required transcribing an interview, that I have been putting off since August.   Then, my thumb which I use to type with, started planning its own escape.  Seriously, the Raynaud’s just in that thumb was off the chain.  So, I had some crummy voice software and now I’m finally getting something good.  So, my post that I have building hype over is still coming.  I’m just finally accepting that I can write with voice software.  I love to type and I do things that are difficult out of sheer stubbornness, but now, this whole typing with my fingers thing has moved to harmful denial.  My thumb had to start an escape to signal me a clue.  Message received, Thumb.   Message received you short, stubby two knuckled, $#%$#@.