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The Mighty Turtle is a blog about coping with a chronic illness as a part of our lives, not our identity.  Symptoms and changes can become so overwhelming, it’s very easy to be consumed by the demons that come with it.  We may have a chronic illness, but it does not have us.  We learn to adapt and overcome.  We do it every day without realizing it.

For those of you reading who do not have a chronic illness, The Mighty Turtle is a great place to find out how a person with a chronic illness copes.  It’s just as hard to watch someone we love battle day to day with symptoms of a chronic illness or disability.

 To those who are loved ones of patients, I would like to ask you to let go of your guilt if you have any and it’s okay to be afraid.  Please, don’t be so hard on yourself when you don’t know what to do when you feel helpless.  It’s okay not to know what to say.   Sometimes the most important thing to do is just to be there- that’s it.

Having said that, I have an important message for all who are reading this:


So, please visit The Mighty Turtle when you can.  There is always a new blog on the Blog Roll, there will always be a silly video to watch and there are links to Mayo Clinic and UCLA to catch up on the latest medical news. Together; let’s learn, adapt, overcome and have a few laughs.

As Florence + The Machine would say, “Every Demon want’s his thunder felt.”   Sometimes he knocks us down, but we get up.

It’s a party, let’s dance:

Shake It Out

Please use the comment section as a guest book.  if you feel like it, tell me what you think, leave advice or say something silly.

Thank You,

Karen Vasquez

6 thoughts on “Welcome to The Launch Party!

  1. What a gift for people who have a chronic illness and family members.

  2. I love the new site! It looks and feels like it’s been here forever. (That’s a compliment, by the way. *grin*)
    Great job, Lady!

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