What Do The Romney/Ryan Ticket & God Have in Common With My Son’s First Day of School?


I posted about my son’s first day of third grade and the following statement was written in the comments.  “Romney & Ryan ticket the Hope of a Free and Strong America never bowing down again to No Country Leader only to Our God!!!”

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I have omitted his name from this post because he was kind enough to apologize.  I am most thankful for his comment. He reminded me how helpful it is to post about current events.  Many patients are so  overwhelmed by living on fixed incomes, insurmountable debt and their health they may find it hard to keep up, I know I did when my health was at its worst.

Luckily, I had some back up from some friends.

Rebecca Bevans: ” Wow (Blank), how does Mitt and Ryan pertain to a 3rd grader going back to school? Do they have some amazing policy on education? I mean besides taking science and critical thinking out of our school systems. Oh, and what about the constitution and separation of church and state? Can we please follow that one? I really like my laws religion free. Thank you!”

My Response

The thing I found most disturbing about your post was not the placement of it, but you that you feel the country that I served, should be ruled by God. We are a republic, not a theocracy. I have visited Saudi Arabia, a theocracy. They worship the same God Christians and Jews worship. People in a theocracy live in fear of their government. I met some locals and we had many things in common with most Americans. They wanted to take care of their family, but did not have the freedom to be seen talking to me because of their theocratic laws. Say all you want about how you believe it is the wrong religion, but they have radicals there, just like we do here in the United States. In fact, 19 of the high jackers on September 11th hailed from Saudi Arabia. So if you wish to personally believe that God is a higher power than our government, that is your 1st Amendment Right to believe that because we are governed by laws, not God. No one will come to you into your home and put you in jail because of your beliefs and speaking aloud about them.

I Continued

The rights Romney and Ryan wish to take away from me would be a death sentence to me if I am raped and become pregnant. The idea that someone is presenting as fact that a woman cannot conceive during rape because of “anger” hormones based on someone’s opinion is so offensive and insulting I cannot come up with an adjective equal to my disgust. A right to choose if I can reproduce keeps me alive, like many women with serious chronic illnesses and who nearly died during childbirth. I have been near death many times and it is not prayer that saved my life, it was science, facts and the use of that knowledge by an educated doctor and caregiver. If prayers worked, children would never die of cancer. God’s plan is, there is no plan. If he exists then he wants us to appreciate life and use the gifts he gave us to save life; like the use of our brain for science.

So What Do The Romney/Ryan Ticket and God have in common with my son’s first day of school?  

Nothing.  The gentleman who left the comment eventually apologized.  And I am grateful to him for reminding me there is more to my life than my diagnoses and  to keep up with current events.  He reminded me how important it is to vote.