Yes, There Would be a Mini-Fridge

Day 7:  Design a Hospital Room.

Thanks for asking, but I’m not so sure  interior design is my thing.  At home, my walls are bare except for pictures of family and friends and two prints I’m holding for my brother and sister.  Then I have a ton of books.  Yep, 50 years from now, I’m going to be that old woman some passing stranger finds crushed under a stack of fallen books, after noticing an odd smell.

I’m pretty sure that I could only design a room for me.  Everyone has different needs.  My goal when I am in the hospital is to do everything I can to get out.  Okay, so here we go.  (I used WEGO in a sentence.  Are there points for that?)

-There would be a mini fridge, with things like yogurt, fruit or jello between.  Hospital food has grown on me or maybe it was the Navy; but I can adapt to any meal if I’m hungry enough.  Plus, protein helps healing; healing equals getting out of hospital faster.

-Private shower and bathroom.

-Books. Maybe a tablet.  I’m still addicted to books on paper, but I do like to try new things and it sure would decrease my chances of being crushed under a pile of books.

– TV.

– Wifi

– Comfy thick blanket.

– Couch.

It’s a hospital room.  I have spent weeks at a time in different types; a private room in one hospital with 24 hour room service, weeks at a time on the finest cardiac floor;  in a small rural hospital with a room mate and  other than a private shower and bathroom, there is no creature comfort that would help me not to feel like a hamster.  Nothing is as wonderful as home.  I want  a hospital room that makes me want to go home.  One with great care to get me out of faster.

So much for my career as an interior designer.  Thanks for reading and please read my fellow bloggers doing the #NHPBM.  So many great blogs there and better interior designers.  Have a great day:-)


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  1. LOL! The only thing I’d add would be a bacteria and virus killing ray beam at the door to stopr invaders from other rooms from entering with Docs and Nurses!

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